Baja Sur Explorador

In the past few weeks, we have explored the peninsula from La Paz to the southernmost point. In a circle of approximately 300 miles we became familiar with sights on the East Cape, the Cabos, the West Cape, the Bahías on the east and the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna, and crossed the Tropic of Cancer more than once.

While driving is a breeze (note fact below), navigation is tricky. For example, street names are long. By the time one reads the street on the map, we are way past our turn: “Where are we? On Boulevard General Marcelino Garcia Barragán, crossing Avenida Rio Nilo. Where do I turn? Way back there”. We learn to abbreviate.

Fact:   At Alto (Stop) signs, drivers DO NOT come to a complete stop, and if you do, you are a hazard.

  • To quote Rick Albertson, motorcyclist/travel blogger: “Though it took a while, I have been able to come up with a loose translation based on careful observation of local drivers. The word Alto means: ‘depending on your mood you may wish to consider slowing down, or you may simply continue through the intersection at your current pace; however, you are never to come to a complete stop.’”


  • Street signage in Español …where are they? Impossible at night.
  • Mexican vanilla, Mexican Coca-Cola,
  • Baja wine/beer.
  • The organic farmers’ market (the avocados…oh! aguacate fresco!)

The local jazz scene. Muy bueno! We meet Terry Townson, an expat Grammy winning jazz trumpet player. Through him, we are introduced to outstanding artists in the area, and the La Paz jazz festival.

Ah..Whales in The Pacific – and the first look at the Sea of Cortez

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2 thoughts on “Baja Sur Explorador

  1. Can’t find Mexican wine around here, so they must not export. ¡Muy triste!

    1. Marlene and Steve April 21, 2019 — 3:36 pm

      I was afraid of that. So we are drinking A LOT of it whilst here! It is really good. None of the “2 buck chuck” for us.

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