Waikato: Putāruru Blue Springs, Green Trees

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A Stunning Kaleidoscope

Te Waihou Walkway

A treasure of a track at Putāruru, near Matamata and Hobbiton. Catch the walkway, continue downstream for 4 km, bush on one side, multi-colored prism on the other.

Directions: From the Leslie Road carpark, trudge uphill and be dazzled at the first glimpse of the blues and greens.

A NZ Facebook post led us here and judging by astonished emojis and comments, it is a secret spot.

The spring, a constant 55ºF, provides 60% of NZ’s bottled water. Taking 100 years to filter and bubble up, a 6 lane swimming pool could be filled in 12 minutes.

Hamurana Spring Nature Reserve

Equally stunning near Rotorua, the Hamurana Spring Nature Reserve is North Island’s deepest natural springs. The nature reserve winds amongst redwoods and is home to flocks of black swans. Directions: Northern (top) side of Lake Rotorua, via Lake 30 or Lake 36 North.

It has been under guardianship of the local iwi Ngāti Rangiwewehi since the 1300’s.

From Hamaurana Springs to Okere Falls

The warm water of Hamurana Springs spends 70 years underground, bubbling up at 4 million liters of water/hour to run over Okere Falls via the Kaituna River. So much fun for kayakers, commencing at Gnarly Gorge – Pari Tūkino.

Look Up, Way Up! Redwood Forest

The Whakarewarewa Forest (fah-ka-re-wah-re-wah) and Hamurana Springs contain plantations of California Coastal Redwoods planted in 1901.

The Redwood Tree Walk: 28 swinging bridges through a canopy of 100+ year-old trees, looking down onto fern trees and silver leaf palms.

DendrophiliaA Person Who Loves Trees

Before settlers, 85% of land was covered by forest. Today, 25% of indigenous forest remain with nearly all lowland area cleared for agriculture. Intensive clearance was undertaken by European Settlers. Source: Te Papa Museum, Wellington, NZ

Chinese Proverb:

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now. 

Home away from Home-Lake Rotoiti

Many thanks to friends who generously opened their house to us. Rotoiti is a great location as a touring base.

Things We Missed:

  • Manupiria Hot Springs (accessible by boat)
  • Hinehopu (Hongi’s) track, a 2.2km, 1.5 hours one way, track
  • Hells Gate Mud Bath and Spas
  • Click HERE to read previous post, Hobbiton – The Shire
  • Prismatic Rotorua HERE

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12 thoughts on “Waikato: Putāruru Blue Springs, Green Trees

  1. Lisa Gosselin May 12, 2021 — 7:00 pm

    Love the blue springs green trees – such natural beauty

    1. Oh yeah! That one blew us away! We found it by chance.

  2. Really Beautiful nature at -almost!- it’s best !
    Stunning photos … the yellow canoe downstream Marléne you daredevil 😂
    I’ll told my daughter about your blog and trips … they will travel for 3 mnths north and South Island when she’s done working in Motueka, before returning to Europe
    Alllll these great ideas
    Sooo jealous !
    Enjoy guys, this Covid free environment

    1. You are so kind! Not going to lie…the person in the yellow kayak was not me…just some random dude sliding down the hill. I was safely on the other side!

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