Portugal – Bom Dia! (Good Day!)

Where Are We?

We are in the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost region with HUNDREDS of beaches, scrublands, forests, and spectacular cliffs. Our villa is halfway between Lagos (pop 33,000) and Portimão (pop 49,000).

Why Portugal?

  • The people are kind and tolerant.
  • Residency allows permanent free entry and travel in the Schengen Region (26 EU countries).

How Does This Work?

Portugal’s residency requirements are manageable and affordable; however, the process is far from stress-free. It can be confusing, contradictory and change with little to no notice. Our lifeline was Americans & Friends in Portugal (link)– a Facebook Group with free and accurate “how to” files, which we followed to the letter.

What’s Up?

  • Finding a one-year lease (D7 Visa requirement) was compounded by tourist season, but we found ONE and began paying rent in April. 
  • Arrived Lisbon June, 2022, with D7 visas and a lot of checked bags; then drove 3 hours, south, to the Algarve.
  • December meeting with SEF (Security/Immigration) for residency approval.

A Look Around

Our villa is rural, a car is necessary which suits us because we love to GO.

Completely captivated, here is what we found near our two cities of Lagos and Portimão.

1. Home – Vale Da Ribeira – Storks All Over!

2. Vineyard Harvest in Nearby Odiáxere (oh dee ASHer)

3. Lagos: Forte da Bandeira (17th Century), Praia (Beach), and Old Town

4. Lagos: Ponta da Piedade (Piety Point)

AMAZING!!! Headland, clifftop walk. Amazing yellow-golden rock formations, 20 meters high, sea grottos.

5. Portimão: Praia da Roche (Stone Beach)

Portimão: 15th – 16th Century Ruins

6. Charming Ferragudo

Portuguese fishing village, population 1,969, opposite Portimão on the Arade river.

Retire Here!

We are content with a whole country to see.

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    23 thoughts on “Portugal – Bom Dia! (Good Day!)

    1. Wonderful post. Thank you. Did you work with a realtor to find your rental. I’m scouting in PT, now, and that has been the obstacle. No full-year leases seem to be available.

      1. Hi Jill. I will reply to your question via email. It’s a challenge to be sure!!

    2. Thanks for the post. Everything looks beautiful, and I’m glad you were not in the fire area.

      1. Thanks, Rita. It’s been good so far. As long as everything is smooth, I’m content. But there is a day or two every now and again…

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