Southland: Dramatic Dunedin

Imagine a beach with towering mosaics showing streaks and patterns of all colors; or a city with fantasy paintings the size of buildings; or street art juxtaposed with Victorian and Gothic architecture; or looking out at the bluest of blue landscapes. Visual delight in Dunedin!

1. Tunnel Beach Track – West of Dunedin

A steep and narrow track winds down to the sea via a dimly-lit rock staircase, hand-carved in 1860, emerging on a secluded beach with massive wind-sculpted sandstone cliffs, boulders and caves. Color everywhere!

2. Dunedin (Gaelic-Edinburgh) Scottish Settlement, 1848

Victorian and Edwardian architecture is mixed with funky street art for an interesting city vibe. Below – restored Victorian business and residences.

Gothic Otago Boys High School overlooking the city; St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in the heart of the city, Victorian/Gothic/Modern – stained glass window with NZ animals.

NZ’s most photographed building is Dunedin’s Railway Station made of NZ bluestone with mosaic floors.

Street Art Revolution

Dunedin’s art trail has an increasing number of blank walls transformed into murals by local and international artists.

3. The Otago Peninsula-Stunning Wildlife Hotspot

A scenic coastal road curves and clings to the edge of the harbor…”be careful to avoid an impromptu marine adventure” and do not drive into the sea. Tramping along paddocks (pastures) we were followed by cows, saw a wildcat on a ridge and found landscapes begging to be painted.

Taiaroa Head Albatross Colony

Join birdwatchers (aka twitchers) at viewing platforms and watch “clumsy giants” soaring and landing at the world’s only mainland albatross colony. To show how big and beautiful the birds are credit the Royal Albatross Center and Dept. of Conservation for these photos.

Penguin Place

Yellow-eyed penguins have a pale yellow band of feathers around yellow eyes and pink feet. Population decline indicates the possibility of local extinction in 20-40 years. Penguin Place is a sanctuary at which you can see penguins in rehab, on nests, or coming ashore.

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  1. Great to read in addition to Carol & Bill’s blog!
    Hope it’s okay if I follow? Although we never met 🙂

    Stay safe, but I think NZ will be fine right now, at least not as bad as in Europe or the US

    Greets, Marijke

  2. You nailed it! So much fun to relive the NZ adventures through your photos and narrative.

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