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Our shakedown trip for our new lifestyle worked out pretty well. We had a great time in La Paz with an awesome place to stay. Here are a few memories and even fewer words.

Los Barriles (The Barrels) on the East Cape. The story goes that there is gold hidden in barrels in the hills. We took a final road trip around the southern peninsula to fill in the gap of our Baja Sur travel map: Los Barriles is a remote beach and fishing community, 45 minutes from the airport in Cabo. Off-roading is popular. Pink’s mother-in-law has a beach bar (pictured). The town has dirt roads with cows, goats, etc that will cross in front of you..and pretty nice hotels.

Crossing the Tropic of Cancer – East (Santiago) to West (Todos Santos)

Balandra Beach – La Paz. This is where we spent our beach time.

Beverages! Baja wine, Indio beer, and a touch of tequila. Extra special…Mexican Coca Cola.

La Paz – (The Peace)

It’s A Thing….(signs)

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7 thoughts on “Baja Photo Gallery

  1. I think it’s safe to safe, you are living your best life!! I love these photos and you two!

    1. That is possible. Think of you daily!

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