AZ-Antelope Canyon, Cliffs, Craters

Deep Purple!

Our initial purpose in Page, AZ was to walk inside colorful, Antelope Canyon.

Tours to both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon are strictly controlled by the Navajo Nation. We did Upper in the morning, and Lower early afternoon. You must climb ladders for the the Lower Canyon tour and it is a longer trek (do both!)

“Highway of Wonders” 89A, Lees Ferry, Vermillion Cliffs

Vermillion (Cinnabar – of rich red with a bit of orange) is considered the color of life, associated with blood because of the red color, and eternity.

If driving into Page from 89 south, make time to turn towards Lees Ferry at Bitter Springs to see the Vermillion Cliffs. Or, backtrack from Page and go south to 89A. The view is amazing the whole way. Look for condors under the Navajo Bridge.

Vermillion Cliffs – A step in the Grand Staircase.

The Grand Staircase is made up of five tilted, southward, facing escarpments called stairsteps. The steps of the Grand Staircase are described by their colors: chocolate, vermillion, white, gray and pink. The bottom step is made of limestone and is known as the North Rim Grand Canyon.

Vermillion Layer These reddish or vermillion colored cliffs are about 165 to 200 million years old and are found along highway 89 and 89A. If intrigued… look up “The Wave”. (But you will need a permit and an escort to hike it.)

If you want to hike, Cathedral Wash, (a slot canyon, 3.3 miles, in and back) is rated intermediate to difficult because apparently there is one place with a 30 foot drop, but amazing canyon walls. Location: Off the road that intersects U. S. 89-A at Arizona’s Marble Canyon and leads to Lees Ferry. Next time!

Along 89A – a strange little stop – Stone House on 89A. Per Wikipedia – around 1927, Blanche Russell’s car broke down near here. She liked the area, bought the property and built this in the 1930’s. 

The Glen Canyon Dam is a sight to behold. There is a scenic turnoff on Lake Powell Blvd in Page that is delightful to walk around. Drive across the bridge!

Last, but not least, the drive out of page to Utah is punctuated with jaw dropping scenery. North of Flagstaff is Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.


  • Tour both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon and because it gets very crowded, book well in advance. The light on an early morning tour is great).
    • We used Navajo Tours – Upper Canyon 10 AM tour; Dixie Ellis Tours Lower Canyon 1:00 Aprox. 90 min.
  • Visit Horseshoe Canyon – don’t be turned off by the crowd to get in
  • Where to stay?
    • If you don’t camp (we do not), hotel chains are on Lake Powell Blvd. and several new ones are going in.
  • “Jesus Street”: Page, Lake Powell Blvd: there are 11 churches, in a row
  • Take time for activities on Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Reservoir.
  • Visit the south rim of Grand Canyon from Sedona, or Page 2 hrs, Cameron, AZ, 35 min.
  • Hike Cathedral Wash – trailhead on the road to Lees Ferry. How hard can it be?

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  1. Breathtaking – Antelope Canyon just got elevated from “would like to do” to “must do soon!”

    1. And I will meet you there! (and hike Cathedral Wash!))

  2. Glennie Bowland June 3, 2019 — 8:21 am

    Absolutely gorgeous pics…wow! I’ve never seen Antelope Canyon…I wanna…I wanna!

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