Sevilla, España – ¡Espléndido!

In this post, 3 days in exquisite Sevilla and a list of things to see “next time”. Sevilla is dripping with character – the architecture, statues, parks and plazas are extravagant and stunning.

If You Go:

Weather: Sevilla is the warmest city in Spain with average summer highs above 35 °C (95 °F). Visit in spring or fall.

Streets of Sevilla – Eat Anywhere! Inexpensive tapas and wine. Restaurants open about 8/8:30 pm (locals won’t arrive until 9:00 pm.) Tip 10%.

Parking: Underground lot near bull ring or free parking near bus station.

Get Advance Tickets to Sevilla’s two big sights, the Cathedral and Alcázar (Royal Palace), each less than €20/person. “Skip-the-Line” via Get your

Our 3-Day Itinerary
1. Plaza de España (See it at dusk)
2. The Real (Royal) Alcázar
3. Sevilla Cathedral
4. Giralda Bell Tower 
5. Flamenco
6. Sevilla Streets

Things To Do Next Time
Plaza del Cabildo
Casa de Pilatos (Pretty grounds)
Torre del Oro Watchtower
Hospital Los Venerables (Art)
Palacio de las Dueñas
Iglesia Colegial del Divino (Baroque style church)
Plaza de Toros (Bull Ring)
Italica Roman ruins (Giant Colosseum, 15 min taxi)

1. Plaza de España – 1928

Built by master craftsmen for the Ibero-American exposition with baroque-style towers, marble, carvings, tiles, the immense and impressive plaza is located in Parque de Maria Luís, and it’s free.

Exquisite tiles show history of the Spanish provinces

2. Real (Royal) Alcázar – 11th to 16th Centuries

I must say… GO! Wander through the courtyards, gardens, and halls of the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe. Built by Moorish artisans for Christian rulers, Islamic-style designs on stucco, tile, arches, columns and Arabic writing on the walls.

Palace gardens and bath

3. Cathedral de Sevilla – 16th Century

“Let us build a church so beautiful and so grand that those who see it finished will take us for mad”.

And so they did. The world’s largest gothic cathedral is built atop an 11th century mosque that was torn down in 1248 after the Christian conquest of Seville.

How much gold?

An estimated 88,000 pounds of solid gold in the cathedral. The gold on the High Altar (66-ft high/59-ft wide) covers 44 scenes and 200 figures.

Christopher Columbus is entombed in the cathedral

The claim is disputed by the Dominican Republic. Bone fragments were DNA tested by a Spanish team, so maybe….

4. Giralda Bell Tower, 11th century

The bell tower was once the minaret of the 11th century mosque. Walk up via 35 levels of ramps – as the muzzein did five times a day to call Muslims to pray.

5. Sevilla is the Heartland of Flamenco

6. Sevilla es increíblemente bella.

Incredible beauty indeed…simply walking around

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15 thoughts on “Sevilla, España – ¡Espléndido!

  1. Gorgeous, beautiful pictures. The delicate, intricate details of the buildings are surreal. Definitely on the bucket list now! Thank you for sharing

  2. So beautiful! On the bucket list now. Thank you for sharing

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